Moodkiller repository: Collection of a few automation and handy tools to make (my) life easier.

Tools for muxing

  • mkvtoolnix: merge audio/video/subtitle files together.
  • Aegisub-Line0: Aegisub with much needed updates/functionality, comes with Dependency Control which can be used to install Automation scripts.
  • Aegisub automation scripts: Unanimated’s collection of scripts to make typsetting easy™
  • Typesetting guide
  • KFX Gen
  • KFX Template site


MPV Made Easy: An attempt to make MPV behave like MPC. Still needs a  lot of tweaking.

Useful links

Animetosho: For all your alternative links/mirrors and subtitle downloads

JDownloader Beta2: The best download manager™

Coinbase Users

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