The closest thing to DDL’s one will get. If you are unsure where to start, please read below. Futher help can be obtained by visitng the relevant IRC and/or Discord servers.

How do I use this?

Setting up a client: Connecting to Xertion
A list of commands can be found here: XDCC Commands
Packlist can be found here: XDCC Packlist

Want your bot listed here?

For those who would like their bots added here, send me a publicly hosted link to the XML file that iroffer can make and I’ll add it. Nice-to-have would also be an image for the profile picture, otherwise I will just pick from “The Best Female Anime Characters“. I plan to add the source code to github soonTM.

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 11:06:23 NZDT (1 minute, 14 seconds ago)
Slots: 3 free - 6 in total - 3 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 16222.8kB/s
Packs Available: 50909

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 23:06:20
Total Offered: 76TB
Total Transferred: 543TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 379GB - Weekly: 2.6TB - Monthly: 2.8TB
Uptime: 6D 19H 0M
Total Uptime: 1517 Days 3 Hrs and 17 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta15

Moodkiller and Co. XDCC Packlist
For all your [MK] and associated groups needs.
Last Updated: 2024-07-14 11:06:48 NZDT (49 seconds ago)
Slots: 6 free - 6 in total - 0 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 0.0kB/s
Packs Available: 2472

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 23:06:48
Total Offered: 2.8TB
Total Transferred: 90TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 26GB - Weekly: 142GB - Monthly: 403GB
Uptime: 67D 13H 46M
Total Uptime: 2354 Days 7 Hrs and 18 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.33 Beta15

Beatrice-Raws XDCC Packlist
Dedicated bot for all [Beatrice-Raws] releases.

Cache file is up-to-date.

XML file missing, check with the bot owner if this is still available

XDCC go brrrrrrrr.
Last Updated: 2024-07-14 11:05:57 NZDT (1 minute, 40 seconds ago)
Slots: 10 free - 10 in total - 0 currently in use
Current DL Rate: 0.0kB/s
Packs Available: 785

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 23:05:57
Total Offered: 285GB
Total Transferred: 11TB
Transfer Stats: Daily: 0B - Weekly: 0B - Monthly: 400MB
Uptime: 1472D 12H 51M
Total Uptime: 2066 Days 0 Hrs and 32 Min
Version: iroffer-dinoex 3.30

44 thoughts on “XDCC

  1. I was downloading tokyo ghoul remuxes from anti raws, downloaded a couple episodes and wanted to resume today but suddenly all of them are gone from the packlist, also the bot I was downloading from (Rory) is gone from the “bots” tab too. Did those remuxes got deleted and I’m just unlucky? Or is there any other reason for their disappearance?

    1. It is because the Rory bot is disconnected for some reason, but only disconnected to the website. It can still be accessed through IRC, when you can search for a pack by specific request, then the normal process of asking it to be sent to you. It is still functioning, normally some would say, just the process of looking for a pack less convenient without global viewing with the website.

  2. I was downloading [Animanda] release of Death Note through HitomiServ bot but after 1 episode the bot is giving me the episode 2 to download even when I try to download episode 3 or 4 please fix this or tell me what can I do.

    1. That can happen sometimes when the file number on the server changes. Often the filelist you’ll get from the bot will be outdated by to several minutes, hence even fetching it for the new numbers might not be helpful. Best to wait a hour or so.

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