Hi to all that may read this now and, in the future,

First, I am still alive and around – thank you to all of those that check in, it means a lot to me <3. Bringing in a few updates:

  • I have finished moving the website and XDCC Parser to a new webserver. This should hopefully alleviate the constant down time / database errors and dead bots… time will tell, I am not promising anything.
  • The contents of a few of the pages have also been udpated, namely:
    • Index / Moodkiller[MK] Index – will auto generate with acompaning thumbnails.
    • Projects (formally WIP) – besides the name change, removed the outdated/non populated SCY projects list.
    • XDCC – will now pull live stats from each of the bots and determine whether or not they are online (not to be confused with being able to download from them, that is on the to do list). Display will adjust accrodingly if offline.
    • Whats a Moodkiller – just a re-write.
    • Request Form – for those who will / want to use it.
    • Drop down menus – fixed colour, word-wrapping, and added arrow to indicate dropdown.

For those who subscribed and get email notifications, you would have noticed that that has been revamped to represent that of a modern-day forum post rather than a default mundane layout. Finally, lots of backend tweaks that aren’t worth mentioning bit will hopefully help.

That is all for now, stay safe…

~ MK

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